About Mittal Sports

About Us

Mittal Sports, an Establishment of year 1925 is an Indian company that manufactures and supplies a wide range of premium Sports Products and Sporting Toys that only have a vision & passion for sports with a commitment to deliver reliable products to infants, kids, youth & professional players.

The inspiration to start Mittal Sports came many decades ago when the core members of the family thought of starting a manufacturing unit of producing finest raw materials used in sporting gear that is ecofriendly, reliable & has good strength for longevity. Today we are one of the largest manufacturers of finished Sporting Goods & Sporting Toys from India serving the globe under OEM & our brand. The in-house manufacturing of the core raw materials has given us an extra edge over assortment, quality, speed & design with multiple lines of PVC, rubber calendaring machines.

We were also enamoured with the idea of travel, We travelled extensively throughout the world and learnt to have an appreciation for and perspective on different sports that are played across the globe. We understood the potential of Indian manufacturing and thought of sharing the unique and rich, elegant, stylish sporting gear of India to the globe. One Sport that was common across the globe was Ball Sport. The form of using it was different but the balls were used across as a common article across the continents played as Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, Beach Balls, Tennis Ball & so on. Today we are also known as “THE BALL COMPANY”

Today, Mittal Sports has grown to have an extensive and dedicated team of over 250 Employees in house plus IT Professionals, Design Staff & Back-office staff. These people come in from all walk’s of life with outstanding skills. Our very learned team also includes management professionals from top business schools & universities specialising in different subjects that adds lot of value to the overall system.

Our creations are available at leading stores in over 40 countries across the world. We have entire separate units for hard and soft goods. We also do domestic sales with our own brand – Elan. We hope you’ll continue to join us on this crazy, wonderful & ethical relationship that will always go on. Our motto is “VALUE FOR VALUES”

Each unit manufactured at our end is tested by highest authorities & labs in the Indian Government (also called as Bureau of Indian Standards) with regular audits. Being a proud Indian brand, we take our values very seriously and make sure that our products are world class not just by quality but by the method it is manufactured. Each product that rolls out of our factory is a testament of our brand’s efforts to build a space of complete trust and customer satisfaction. We aim to deliver this trust globally through our products and our efficient, robust global supply chain that fulfills this objective. The lead-free products, ecofriendly & 100% child free labor are main key areas that we always keep in mind.

Mittal Sports is very proud & thankful to all our colleagues, customers, core team & management for making the history by producing world class assortments in the licensed range of products also for our customers globally. This included FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR 2022, ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2023, REAL MADRID, LIVERPOOL, FCB, MANCHESTER CITY & many other projects. We have been working with lot of International Retail Chains, Family Entertainment Centres, Clubs, Corporates & Amusement Parks all over the world.

With state of art manufacturing units, we strongly believe in "BLENDING LEGENDARY CRAFTMANSHIP WITH LATEST TECHNOLOGY"

Please note that our products are handcrafted, moulded, machine made & many other processes are used and thus, it gives our valuable clients the options to choose from many designs, range and forms that cannot simply be shown here. This site therefore is a representation of our understanding and our capabilities in design and manufacturing.

Why Us

At Mittal sports, we aim to create products through our passion for the world of sporting and this energy has manifested itself through our products to the customers throughout our entire history.

In all these years, we have been able to deliver a truly wholesome experience to our customers where they get sports equipment as per their requirements, customizations, quality standards and design preferences, all of it without any hassle. The kind of quality and value we wish to provide with minimal cost is what separates us from the rest and that’s what we strive for at Mittal sports.


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